Home Gardening
Large or Small

Home gardening is where imaginations can go

  • wild and outrageous 
  • practical and tasty for growing food
  • keeping it plain and simple
  • neat and tidy
  • back in time for a more formal look
  • free and natural

 As your garden is just that ......your own space to make it the way you would like to see it.

Enjoy and have fun with it so it doesn't become a chore. If you wonder if something will grow in a space then try it as plants are quite resilient and if they are not happy then they will show it.

Tender plants and seedlings are in a different category and may need a bit of warmth or protection from winter frosts.

A garden that is pretty and pleasing on the eye is enjoyed by most people, whether it is walking through a park, an arboretum, around a lake or best of all in your own backyard.

Has gardening got health benefits as well?  Some types of gardening are hard work but is soon forgotten when you can see the results. Achieving a task you didn't think possible is inspiring and a great uplift.

Getting out in the fresh air and have exercise by digging, raking, mowing the lawn or doing some sort of landscaping depending on your ability is bound to be good for you.

But sitting in a scented garden, touching different plant textures, listening to birdsongs or the rustling of the leaves on the tree branches and just being in the moment outside surrounded by nature is equally beneficial.

Can and does a garden mend us as well as we can mend a garden?

Make a little relaxing corner and find out.

Types of Home Gardens

Flower Gardens
Greenhouse Gardening
Houseplant Gardening
Finished raised bedRaised Bed Gardening

For some people a garden can be an extremely daunting and terrifying place. Not knowing what to grow or where to plant something or even if a plant really is a plant or is it a weed.

All that is needed to turn your garden into how you would like it to be is to take it in step by step stages and bitesized pieces. Looking at the whole picture can seem over whelming especially if you have an acre plot or more. 

Begin by starting from the house and deciding on what you would like to see when looking out of the window.

Start small and then when confident take the next stage even if it is starting with a window box and ending up with an allotment.

New houses tend to have smaller gardens and if bought when newly built will probably have nothing in it, so the canvas is blank so to speak. This can be equally daunting but also exciting as there is nothing that needs to be removed or dug out.

Apartments and Flats can have balconies, this is great to do some container gardening so the outside can be brought nearer to the living areas. Those without balconies can still grow herbs and flowers on windowsills.

Home Gardening Helpers 

Wildlife need gardens or green places to help them move around the community especially insects and bees.

Bees help with pollination so if there are plenty of flowers or flowering shrubs, trees and grasses this will allow the bees to get nectar and pollen. This in turn, as they go from flower to flower or bloom to bloom, will pollenate fruit, flowers and vegetables so the next generation of seeds can grow.

Larger wildlife such as birds, toads and hedgehogs keep pests at bay and over time the equilibrium of a garden will bring in wildlife and they will keep to make it healthy and pest free .

Garden Implements

Other type of helps are all the tools that can be used. Gloves are great for protecting your hands from thorns and prickles.

Forks, spades and trowels for digging in the flower beds and mowers to keep the grass cut.

There are such a lot available and each will find the ones to suit them.

Home Gardening on a Larger Scale

There are many lovely garden that are built on a much larger scale and that have evolved over time with different generations. These include the castles, palaces and the many grand houses that are in this country.

Cities are now seeing the benefits of having a garden and if there is no space on ground level it is great to know and perhaps see some roof top gardens or enjoy many vertical garden walls.

Getting Started

Grab your gloves, wellies, spade or trowel and start growing fruit or veg for eating, flowers for pleasure or concentrate on one species to win the best of prize at a local show

Enjoy seeing the results of your work and join me in enjoying home gardening.

Thank you for visiting.