Growing Avocado From Seed

Exotic gardening like growing an avocado from seed is an experiment that can be done at home. Time will tell whether any fruit develop from this plant but I am going to try. 

This will be some sort of container gardening as avocados prefer a warmer climate. The proper name is "Persea Americana" and it is a tree that originated in Mexico possibly.

These trees can grow up to 20 metres (too large for my garden) and does not like frost or strong winds. I think I will have to place this in my greenhouse or conservatory, but will also have to ensure that it is watered regularly. Keeping this in a container will keep the size reduced.

The fruit is called Avocado pear or Alligator pear and is a very large berry containing one seed. The flesh of the pear is green in colour and is a great accompaniment in many food dishes.

Avocados are a good source of good fats, and essential fatty acids and goes well with chicken, salmon and in salads. Guacamole is made with these and is great for using with fajitas or nachos.

Stages of growing avocado from seed.

October 19th 2018

To encourage the roots to grow, insert cocktail sticks into the sides of the seed and suspend the avocado seed so it just goes beneath the water level.

Then get a small container to hold in place and wait for the roots to appear.

November 18th 2018

The first little container was fine until the root touched the bottom so I found a little bottle and rested the avocado seed on the top so the root was in the water.

I then saw little hairline roots at the base of the main root so decided to place into into a pot of ordinary potting compost.

December 31st 2018

This pot was kept on the kitchen windowsill and watered occasionally until, after just over a month, a shoot was visible.

January 28th 2019

Within the month and the stem grew taller then the first leaves appeared and were beginning to unfurl.

The pictures will be updated to show the maturing of the plant.

March 24th 2019

After another couple of months the leaves have grown larger with more coming at the growing tip of the stalk.

The plant is now needing a larger pot so this will be transferred in about another month.

I am not too sure how much success I will have in trying to grow an avocado fruit but I will try housing it in my green house or conservatory and protecting it in the winter from the cold.

Have fun growing your avocados.