Welcoming Spring
all its delights

In the northern hemisphere Spring follows colder winter that covers the end and the start of the calendar year and is before the hotter summer months.

The first day of this season is around March 21st although the meteorological first day is the March 1st, this is because a fixed date is need for collecting analytical data to compare the seasons of each year.

The months classed as Spring in the UK are March, April and May. 

In the Southern Hemisphere the months are September, October and November.

This season comes after the coldest three months of the year and before the warmest three months. The position of the sun gives the days and nights equal length this is called the Spring equinox or the vernal equinox.

The temperature begins to climb a little higher than during winter. It is hard to pinpoint actual temperature as there can be fluctuations which are dependant on much wider weather.

Frost can still be a hazard so tender plants need to be covered or planted indoors so that they will not be damaged and it has even snowed at this time of year.

Daffodils by the river in Bath

The Arrival of Spring

What a welcoming sight showing that the time has arrived for the ground to  wake up and bring new beginnings. 

In terms of growth, buds forming on shrubs and trees, bulbs pushing through the ground and new baby birds and animals out and about. 

After the muted colours of Autumn and Winter, it is really great to see the bright colours of Spring.

The colours that appear are yellow, white, pink, purple, red and not forgetting the green of the leaves.

To bridge the gaps between a lot of the different types are the lovely pansies which seem to have evolved to grow in all the seasons giving a lovely rush of colour.

In the UK the clocks are usually put one hour ahead in March and the daylight hour lengthen and the dark hours are shorter.

This time of year tends to make people happier with the arrival of better and warmer weather.

Spring Plants

Daffodil shoots emerging through
Tree buds

Many of the flowers in the garden that bloom at this time of year come from bulbs that have been planted at the end of summer. 

The daffodil bulbs begin to push through the soil, which is always a welcome sight.

The perennial shrubs that have lost their leaves all begin to bud and come back to life.

Some seeds and plants can be planted outside at this time of year but most need a little protection until the threat of the ever present frost has completely gone and the ground begins to warm up for seeds to germinate.


After the colder winter and the lack of wanting to go out and about due to wind, rain and snow.

Spring gives a season of revitalisation to get out into the parks for walks or the garden to start to enjoy the act of growing plants. 

Seeds or seedlings are bought to be placed on windowsills or in a greenhouse in anticipation.

A warmer temperature and a bright blue sky can make all the difference after the greyish colder days but each season is unique and individually beautiful.

Enjoy taking walks and spotting the new sounds or sights of Spring.